NH Patriot Guard Riders


The New Hampshire Patriot Guard Riders is comprised of volunteer veterans and non-veterans from all walks of life.  We participate in services when invited by family members.  We will ride escort and present a flag line at the funeral home, the church and cemetery.   It is our mission to display Honor and Respect for our Nation’s fallen warriors and shield the family from those that would dishonor the services by protesting. We are proud to stand with 300,000+ PGR members in all 50 of these United States in our display of Honor and Respect of our Nation’s Heroes.


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When the New Hampshire Patriot Guard Riders began work to create our website we immediately knew we’d need help.  We made contact with several PGR groups that had professionally presented websites.  Two groups that were really great in providing ideas and technical support were the Patriot Guard Riders of Connecticut and South Texas Patriot Guard Riders. Without their help, we would have had a much more difficult time constructing our New Hampshire Patriot Guard Riders website.

Our sincere thanks to both.