Request Our Services

To request the services of the NH Patriot Guard Riders, you can choose between any of the following. Be aware that once contact is made, it will be necessary to gather all the information contained in the Services Request Form below.

Contact the State Captain via email at: or telephonically.

Call Nick Marks, State Captain at: 603-305-9754

Or complete the Services Request Form (found below).  When received by the NH PGR leadership team, contact will be made with the person requesting our services ASAP.

The information requested is necessary to plan for and successfully execute a mission for your loved one.  Please use this form if you are requesting our services for:

·        Funeral Services

·        Welcome Home Events, or

·        Deployment Events

Please fill in this form as completely as you can and provide information as detailed as you can. This information WILL NOT BE SHARED WITH ANYONE OUTSIDE THE NEW HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT GUARD RIDERS!

Note the fields that are mandatory are annotated with an asterisk.  Upon completion of this form, “click” the “submit” button, the completed form will be sent to the NH PGR leadership team.  A member of the leadership team will make contact with you ASAP to discuss the information, and to finalize mission details.

Thank you for considering the New Hampshire Patriot Guard Riders.  We are honored that you considered us, the Patriot Guard Riders only attend and participate in events upon invitation.

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